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GEO (Glendon Classroom Equipment Ordering) is an interactive request system for placing equipment orders for Classroom Technology for the Glendon Campus.

GEO is connected to a course timetable system to retrieve information on buildings, rooms and times for course orders. Orders are easy to place and edit, and can be done entirely from your desktop computer.

To facilitate staffing, coordinate delivery and ensure your request can be accommodated, ALL GEO orders are required to be in the system FIVE BUSINESS DAYS before equipment is needed. Late orders may not be able to be accommodated, or may be subject to a late charge.

A valid York budget code is required to complete at GEO requests. Check with your Faculty, Department, or Course Admin for budget code information.

See more information about classrooms at http://computing.yorku.ca/faculty-staff/teaching-research-computing/classroom-technology/

To report an issue with classroom technology, please go to ithelp.yorku.ca or email ithelp@yorku.ca or phone 416-736-5800.

Keele Campus Users:
At the Keele Campus, classroom technology is under the jurisdiction of UIT. Orders are placed using the Classroom Equipment Ordering System (CEO).

Browser Requirements for this application:

• Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (or higher) or Netscape 7.1 (or higher)
• Javascript must be enabled
• Cookie processing must be enabled
• Acrobat Reader software required to view/print forms



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